Living Frugal Today

Living Frugal got a new meaning through 2020. The new normal was to stay at home and spend less money. So there’s actually never been a better time than right now, to start living a less stressed and more happy life.

Let’s start by exploring ways to do that right now!

Living frugal today

Living frugal isn’t just for “poor” people

It’s for anyone who’s concerned about the global environment, personal happiness and just in general wanting to make a “good deal”.

Save the Earth

Saving money while helping save the earth too, is like two deals in one.

Tips & tricks

Want tips, tricks and discounts to make your day to day life spinless around money and more about life?

Be Happy

By spending less, you’ll have less concerns around money -> you’ll automatically become more happy.

christmas when living frugal

Celebrate Christmas when living frugal

Christmas when living frugal sounds daunting. Get tips and inspiration on gifts, food and more on what this celebration should be all about.

saving money

Saving Money Like A Pro

Saving money is a benefit when you’re living frugal. This post will show you how you can budget for frugal living

what is frugal living

What is frugal living

Living frugal is not just about saving a lot of money using coupons. Most of all it’s about asking yourself WHY, and then work towards that goal.